Film & Video Production in Seattle, WA.

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The difference between a video and a film is the story.

Never miss a chance to tell yours.


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Grammar Abuse PSA

Posted on Sep 30 by

This funny little mock-PSA to “End Grammar Abuse” was a fun project I created for a competition. Although it was a mock-PSA, I wouldn’t be upset if more people...


McGinn for Mayor 2013

Posted on Aug 16 by

Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn has come a long way in his first four years. Watch this re-election campaign video to hear perspectives from local community leaders about what we could...


OfficeXpats Commercial

Posted on May 15 by

“I am an Xpat” The feeling of community is strong at OfficeXpats on Bainbridge Island. For many people, working from home doesn’t provide the same level of...


Promo for “A Chorus Line”

Posted on May 8 by

Promo for Bainbridge Performing Arts’ “A Chorus Line” Filmed during their dress rehearsal with the concept “The show is about to...