Independent Film Production in the Pacific Northwest

You have a story to tell. Years ago, you’d have to tell that story to the world one person at a time. Now, you can reach millions with the click of a button. With the right video, you can make viewers laugh, cry, donate, sign up, and begin to develop relationships with you even without you there. My job is to help you create that video.

Here, you’ll find samples my work across all types of projects and whether you’re ready to start designing your own story or still need some time, this is where that journey begins. Let’s find a time to sit down for coffee and see where your project goes from there.


Before you can film anything, you have to know what story you want to tell. Most of the time, you have an idea. Sometimes, you don’t know where to begin. When I write, I start by thinking about my audience and who needs to hear this story whether it’s fictional, documentary, or a strong call to action.


You have the story. You have the crew. You have the resources. The one person who brings them all together is the Director. This is the person who will take all of the elements of your project and wrangle them into one cohesive vision. The Director of your project should always understand the importance of telling your story in the most effective & efficient way possible.


Whether you’re in the planning stages or you’ve already filmed you’re project, video editing is the key to telling your story in the most effective way possible. I believe there is only ever one perfect frame to cut from one clip to another and what makes a good editor is how close they get to finding that frame.


Having a good Camera Operator or Director of Photography capturing your footage can make all the difference in how people view the quality of your project. There’s a major bonus to hiring a Camera Operator who also happens to be a professional Editor. He knows exactly what he needs and can save you a tremendous amount of cost & time during production by avoiding superfluous takes & footage.

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